Agate Gemstone Polished Crystal Slice Coaster Set (EA7880) Natural Earthy brown tones

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Agate Gemstone
Cut and polished in Brazil
EarthStones Australia
Freeform slice, oval / elongated shape
90-100 mm x 80-89 mm
Healing/Metaphysical Benefits:
Grounding; Balance; Self analysis
BirthStone Month(s):
May, June, September

Agate Slice Coaster Set (4 Slices)

These four free form Agate Slices have been specially selected to be used as a coaster set. They are very similar/complementary in size and shape, but also very individual in their patterning. As you can see in the photographs, all are in earthy tones of browns, creams and greys.
Individual slice sizes are as follows:

100 x 85 mm
100 x 80 mm
 97  x 83 mm
 90  x 89 mm

All the slices are freeform in shape, with rough, natural edges. All of the coasters are comprised of beautifully patterned and banded Agate gemstone in natural earthy shades of browns and greys.  Each slice is fairly rounded or oval in shape. When held to the light, the beautiful shimmer and semi translucency of the Agate becomes more apparent. This is a beautiful set of four slices, which can be used for practical purposes as a coaster set, or alternatively, be displayed for their unique and individual beauty.
Please Note: It should be noted that due to the intensity of light used in the photographic process, some items may look brighter in colour than they actually are.

Agate is a beautifully patterned and banded material found all around the world. From a metaphysical perspective, it is a great grounding stone, and useful for building self-confidence and enhancing self-analysis.

Accompanying this specimen is a card with the healing benefits attributed to Agate.