Sodalite Natural Gemstone Crystal Polished Obelisk (EA7939)

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Gemstone Material:
Gemstone Shape:
Dimensions of item:
8.0 x 2.5 x 2.3 cm
Weight of Item:
Approx. 59 grams unpacked
Healing/Metaphysical Benefits:
Balance logic & intuition; increases spiritual perception

Polished Sodalite Gemstone Obelisk

A polished Sodalite gemstone Obelisk, weighing approx. 59 grams and measuring approx. 8.0 x 2.5 x 2.3 cm.

This is a lovely Obelisk in all natural Sodalite crystal. Its colouring is a mix of blue tones with veins and patterning of white and grey. In some ways it reminds me of lightning flashing across a stormy sky.  It fits comfortably in the palm of the hand. A great addition to the crystal collection, or a useful healing tool.
PLEASE NOTE: This piece has been photographed in intense light conditions and may appear brighter than it actually is in natural light. 

Sodalite is named after its sodium content, it may be classed as a Feldspathoid. Only blue stones are used in jewelry, sometimes they have violet tint. Sodalite may also be grey, yellow, green, or pink and is often mottled with white veins or patches. 

It was first discovered in 1811 in Greenland, but became important as an ornamental stone in 1891 when vast deposits of fine material were discovered in Ontario, Canada.

Sodalite balances logic and intuition and opens spiritual perception. Great crystal for using around computers as it helps clear electromagnetic pollution.
Obelisks are considered a symbol of life, rebirth and represent a spiritual connection between Heaven and Earth. They are often built near Holy places or other important sites.

A detailed information card will accompany this crystal, listing the Healing/Metaphysical properties attributed to both this style of crystal and Sodalite.



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